Sunday worship service

If you are in the Hobart area, please join us in worship! Our Sunday morning service commences at 10:30 am. Good Friday and Christmas Day services commence at 9:30 am.

Why worship?

We believe that God, as the all-powerful creator of the universe, deserves praise and worship from His creation. Specifically, those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour are enthusiastic about worshipping Him because of their salvation.

'Worship' can take many forms, from singing praises to God, to the preaching of His Word. We believe the Bible tells Christians to gather together to worship, thus our Sunday services. However, worship is not just a 'Sunday activity'; as individuals we seek to worship God through our faith, love and obedience every day.

What's it like?

Our worship services typically last an hour (10:30-11:30 am). The congregation sings both traditional hymns and modern choruses, with piano providing the main accompaniment. We don't have an 'officially preferred' Bible translation, but most use either the New International Version (NIV) or New King James (NKJV). After singing, reading the Bible and praying, the Pastor (or a guest speaker) delivers the sermon. Following the service, many stay for a cup of tea/coffee/milo and some morning tea.

What to bring?

We have no 'dress code'; God deserves our best, but we believe that He is firstly interested in our hearts rather than our physical appearance. You don't need to bring anything with you except a desire to learn about or worship God.

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