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Date Speaker Title
Download Listen 21/01/18 Mark Hochman Prepared to praise: A call to trust (Psalm 37)
Download Listen 14/01/18 Phillip Ninness Prepared to praise: Psalm 119:9-16
Download Listen 07/01/18 Phillip Ninness Prepared to praise: Psalm 119 (Psalm 119:1-8)
Download Listen 31/12/17 Phillip Ninness Prepared to praise: Psalm 105 (Psalm 105)
Download Listen 25/12/17 Phillip Ninness Christmas Day: Christmas Day (Luke 1)
Download Listen 24/12/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Romans 8:26-39 (Romans 8:26-39)
Download Listen 17/12/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Romans 8:18-25 (Romans 8:18-25)
Download Listen 10/12/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Walking in the Spirit (Rom 8:5-11)
Download Listen 03/12/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: No Condemnation (Rom 8:1-4)
Download Listen 26/11/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: A good friend, a bad spouse (Rom 7)
Download Listen 19/11/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Two masters (Rom 6:15-23)
Download Listen 12/11/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: A more powerful agent (Rom 6: 1-14)
Download Listen 05/11/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: One man (Romans 5: 12-21)
Download Listen 29/10/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Hope does not disappoint (Rom 5:1-11)
Download Listen 22/10/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Does God really love me? (Romans 5:1-11)
Download Listen 15/10/17 Jim Collins Strengthened with power (Ephesians 3:14-21)
Download Listen 08/10/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Faith (Romans 4)
Download Listen 01/10/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: But now... (Rom 3:21-31)
Download Listen 24/09/17 David Kettlewell Romans: Excuses (Romans 3: 1-20)
Download Listen 17/09/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: What's on the inside (Romans 2:17-29)
Download Listen 03/09/17 Luke Hansard Amazing Faith (Luke 7:1-10)
Download Listen 27/08/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Judgement Day (Romans 2:1-16)
Download Listen 20/08/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Why is the world the way it is?
Download Listen 13/08/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: The six R's of Paul (Romans 1:8-17)
Download Listen 06/08/17 Phillip Ninness Romans: Who are you? (Romans 1: 1-7)
Download Listen 30/07/17 Phillip Ninness Lead Humbly (1 Timothy 3)
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