Pastor, Sandy Bay Baptist Church

Sandy Bay Baptist Church (SBBC) is seeking a Pastor. The appointment is available on either a full-time or part-time basis for an initial term of three years with the objective of renewal; SBBC aims to establish an ongoing relationship with the successful candidate.

LOCATION. Sandy Bay is a suburb of Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania (Australia). SBBC occupies a strategic location on the main road of Sandy Bay’s commercial district, is a short walk from the centre of Hobart and the University of Tasmania’s largest campus, and is easily accessible by public transport.

PROFILE. Average attendance at SBBC is currently 40-50 per week. Congregation demographics are diverse, and many commute from outside the immediate vicinity. SBBC can broadly be described as a conservative, evangelical, missions-focused church with a strong desire to be used of God to win hearts to Christ in Hobart. For a more detailed profile of the church and community, see the background information document.


  • Responsible for proclaiming and teaching God’s Word, particularly during Sunday worship services.
  • Lead and encourage congregants to grow in spiritual maturity and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Nurture prayer as a central aspect of church life; encourage individual prioritisation of prayer.
  • Active involvement in pastoral ministries, including counselling and visitation, and encourage the congregation to show love and concern for one another.
  • Encourage and equip members to take active roles in ministry, delegating where appropriate.
  • Encourage outreach to the unsaved, and train up the congregation in personal evangelism and discipleship.
  • Implement and oversee programs to reach the unchurched and demonstrate Jesus’ love.
  • Motivate interest in, and support of, national and international missions and missionaries.
  • As part of the church leadership, oversee actions aimed toward furthering the church’s ministry plan.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with that of a spiritual leader. Includes consistent devotion to prayer, Bible study, and meditation; dedication to and active leadership of family; and spiritual accountability.

QUALIFICATIONS. The man who accepts a call to SBBC must meet the scriptural criteria of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, which are considered vitally important. The church seeks the man who is acting subject to a divine calling (Acts 13:2), rather than one who views the position merely as a vocation. Additionally and specifically, the new Pastor must:

  • Have successfully completed, or be approaching completion of, a course of study at a Bible college or seminary with a similar Statement of Faith to that of Sandy Bay Baptist Church. Equivalent experience may be considered.
  • Exhibit an obvious love of God and a servant’s attitude, directing glory to God rather than himself.
  • Accurately divide the word of truth; obedience to Scripture and a life of prayer.
  • Maintain a theological viewpoint in keeping with the mainstream view at SBBC.
  • Possess a sound understanding of, and demonstrated commitment to, Baptist doctrine and principles.
  • Be capable of formulating and effectively delivering expository sermons with practical application to hearers.
  • Have a heart for pastoral ministry and the entire flock at Sandy Bay.
  • Have an overall zeal to win others for Christ, evidenced by energy to lead the work and develop new ministries.
  • Build strong relationships across demographics, i.e. including families, students, seniors, diverse cultures, etc.
  • Function well in a team and congregational approach to church governance; desire to unite in ministry with those who may not hold precisely the same beliefs on all points.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills, including verbal and written communication.
  • Be of strong moral character, committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Have a solid understanding of Australian culture, humour, practices and norms.

SALARY. SBBC follows the Baptist Union of Tasmania’s recommendations for Pastoral compensation. This is currently approximately $78,000 (Australian dollars based on a full-time appointment, gross including allowances, depending on experience), plus 9% superannuation.

APPLICATION. Please review the additional background information. If there is a sense that SBBC is where God may be calling you to ministry, please complete the Expression of Interest form, and you will be contacted regarding further exploration. EOIs are being considered as they are received. Only an EOI is required as a first step; résumés received without an EOI form will be discarded.

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